Let’s make Tallinn the World Capital of Crypto, and e-Estonia secure!

Estonia is a global pioneer in adopting new technologies in governance processes. Estonia offers its citizens a wide range of e-services for conducting affairs with many government agencies and applies blockchain technology in information systems. Moreover, Estonia has issued ICO guidelines.

Estonia was also the first country in the European Union to adopt the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive.



Let's do it! Let's make e-Estonia safe! #March2019

...but we could do even better as Estonia’s crypto regulations are too liberal!

The attractive e-environment is inviting for new businesses. At the same time, we have come to the point where issuing crypto-related licenses and permits may lead to damaging e-Estonia’s sound reputation.
Some European countries actively regulate their crypto environments, and have already surpassed Estonia in this field. This is a classic example of a standstill easily turning into regression. As crypto service developers, we plan to boldly go forward with our service and be publicly available to everyone next spring at the latest.



Jüri, there's no place for corruption in the crypto world. e-Estonia is built by the honest and the wise. #we'reahead

The crypto world has no place for corruption!

e-Estonia is built on honesty and intelligence – this is how we have managed to leave many #behind and can now share our experience with those who are still in the process of establishing e-governance. Together, we could develop e-Estonia even further and turn it into a successful, secure, and transparent crypto hub with no place for corruption.

Money laundering and movement of assets of unknown origin don’t belong in today’s financial world. All transactions in the crypto universe are registered and can be traced back as far as necessary.

Blockchain technology secures data integrity in the financial sector as well as many other areas. The Estonian government and businesses have extensive experience and expertise in this field.


pension kruptorahas

Pension in euros? Could I get it in crypto? Mia Sofia (14). #all for all

How can we make Estonia an attractive and secure crypto hub?

Dear politician, official, financial specialist, or crypto expert – this is your invitation to a brainstorm! Let’s review the current regulation of crypto assets and develop new, smarter rules!


An attractive and secure virtual and business environment helps create higher values for crypto service providers as well as traders in crypto assets. The changes we make today will contribute to the future and help Estonia remain at the forefront of innovative e-states.

kruptopealinn eestisse

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About us


CoinMetro is a company developing a crypto trading environment that combines blockchain technology based digital assets with traditional markets.


Our headquarters are located in Tallinn, and our development units can be found in Hong Kong, Cancun, and Lviv. CoinMetro has been licensed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit to provide e-wallet services and exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currencies.


This year, we have raised over 12 million euros from investors by way of an ICO for developing our final product, which we expect to place on the market in spring 2019.

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